Kajal’s Journey: Switching Industries Brings a Refreshing Change and Opportunities for Growth

After three and a half years in the pharma industry, Kajal Pradhan took a leap into diagnostics and has found the change fits well with her personal and professional goals. We chatted about her experiences so far and her vision of what’s to come.

What is your role at HemoCue?

I am a Territory Sales Representative based in Guwahati. I cover the entire northeast region of India, so I am on the move a lot! My daily responsibilities involve visiting our customers, providing them with scientific knowledge about our products, and showcasing how point-of-care solutions can enhance their clinical practices.

My job is all about building strong relationships with customers, delivering services, and visiting our channel partners, which are things I really enjoy.

What brought you to HemoCue?

Prior to joining HemoCue, I worked in the pharmaceutical sector in Guwahati. I had been considering a change for career growth, but I wasn’t very familiar with HemoCue initially. I spoke to some contacts in the diagnostics industry and found that HemoCue has a very good reputation. And during the interview process, I got a very positive impression of HemoCue and the team. And it’s only gotten better since I started!

Upon joining, I found a supportive working environment, with leaders who appreciate and motivate their team members. I really enjoy traveling, and since that is something I do quite a bit for my job, it’s very motivating. There are a lot of opportunities to do good, meaningful work here, and I see myself growing at HemoCue.

How would you describe the HemoCue culture and growth opportunities?

HemoCue’s work culture is different from the pharmaceutical industry, and I’ve learned a lot through this transition. There is a strong sense of respect in HemoCue, both between colleagues, but also from our customers. Our customers trust that we are going to guide them to the right solution and are very excited to hear about the new things we have brought to them.

I think that the supportive environment, where every team member is encouraged and appreciated, has been instrumental in my growth. Very soon after starting here, I was given the opportunity to present a story of my success installing HbA1c machines at a Town Hall meeting. That was a very proud moment, and very motivating.

The leadership team, including my reporting manager Suman Dasgupta, has been encouraging and has shown that gender does not determine opportunities for growth at HemoCue.

How does HemoCue support your personal purpose?

The company focuses on selling value rather than just the price, and this aligns with my personal values. I want to sell more than just a product, but rather something that I believe in and that will help our customers. That is what HemoCue does.

Also, I value the work culture at HemoCue, which is built on respect and appreciation. I have interacted with people at all levels in the company and everyone is very respectful and open.  Additionally, the equal opportunities provided to all team members, regardless of gender or background, make me feel valued and supported.

What sets HemoCue apart?

HemoCue might not have been widely known in northeast India before, but it’s gaining recognition now. The company’s small, close-knit teams create a supportive and motivating atmosphere where everyone’s contributions are valued.

What sets it apart is the trust it has built with customers, as well as its commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employees. There are many female managers here. It is motivating to see, knowing that they were once in a position similar to mine and now they are managing a whole team! Everyone is treated the same, regardless of gender or race, and that is very refreshing!

What are you most looking forward to in the months and years ahead?

I am looking forward to strengthening myself on a qualitative approach. My focus is to gather more knowledge every day so I can be ready when an opportunity with increased responsibility comes.

I’ve been fortunate to experience a supportive work environment at HemoCue. The respect, encouragement and equal opportunities provided here have made my journey enjoyable and promising. I look forward to continuing my career at HemoCue. In the future, I wish to lead a powerful team in sales and marketing!

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