Tips for Landing a Job From Recruiters

Review our tips for landing a job from recruiters.

Many candidates who have left their current roles and are scouring new positions are in search of a position that allows them to innovate and make a difference. The job market is competitive — and finding a job that matches a candidate’s needs and interests is challenging. 

That’s where recruiters come in. 

Recruiters help match job applicants with suitable positions. They understand how to place candidates in the right positions at organizations where they can realize their career goals and make a meaningful impact. Candidates interested in shifting careers can read through these tips for getting a job from a recruiter to learn valuable insights in pursuit of their dream position. 

1. Candidates Should Know What They’re Looking For

The more candidates know about themselves and their personal goals, the better a recruiter can match them with a suitable organization. A candidate who is clear about what they want enjoys a smoother recruiting process and has a better chance of finding the perfect role.

Candidates can consider the following to determine what they want in a new role:

  • Their ideal company culture
  • Their dream position
  • What values matter to them
  • How they want to make a difference in other people’s lives
  • How they want to be challenged to innovate

2. Job Applicants Should Maintain an Up-to-Date Resume

An up-to-date resume is a powerful tool that helps recruiters match candidates with the right positions. Candidates should update their resumes regularly — and especially before contacting recruiters — to showcase their new achievements, ongoing education and professional development. Equally important is ensuring contact information is accurate and updated before involving a recruiter in the job search. 

3. Candidates Can Help Recruiters Find Them

Candidates with a strong and professional online presence stand out in recruiters’ minds. Then, the recruiter may be more likely to put a candidate forward for a position. Candidates can create an engaging LinkedIn profile and personal website to help recruiters learn more about them. Personal achievements, volunteer experience, publications and resumes are all excellent to include in these profiles. 

Building a brand is another opportunity for candidates to help recruiters get to know them, and there are several ways for candidates to bolster their personal brand, including attending career fairs, going to networking events, scheduling meetings with industry leaders, writing articles and volunteering. 

4. Candidates Can Interview Recruiters First

Candidates must trust the recruiter they work with. To feel comfortable communicating goals, values, work history and other personal information, candidates and recruiters have to get along. Some common questions to ask recruiters include the following:

  • Do you work for the hiring company? The answer determines whether the recruiter works exclusively with a company or as a third-party entity.
  • How would you describe the culture of the organization? Company culture can determine whether candidates thrive in their work environment. This answer provides an idea of what life at the company would be like.
  • What is your relationship like with your candidates? Recruiters cultivate relationships, and a successful relationship must be based on trust.
  • What do you love most about being a recruiter? Candidates know when recruiters are invested in making matches where candidates can thrive. 

5. Job Applicants Should Consider a Recruiter Who Specializes in Their Industry

One of the best recruiter tips for getting a job is to find a recruiter with relevant industry experience.

One of the best recruiter tips for getting a job is to find a recruiter with relevant industry experience. Candidates are often likelier to have productive relationships with a recruiter who understands their field and has relationships with industry professionals. 

6. Job Applicants Should Ask the Recruiter to Keep Their Resume

Some recruiters work with the same candidates for multiple positions, while others find new candidates for every position they recruit for. Candidates working with a recruiter for a single specific position should ask the recruiter to keep their resume on file for future openings. 

7. Candidates Must Be Completely Honest About Their Work History

The best placements come from total honesty. Being open with information about employment history, current expectations, strengths and weaknesses only helps candidacy. Recruiters are the perfect people to listen to frustrations from past jobs and help candidates avoid these situations in future roles. Plus, when a recruiter and candidate have an honest relationship, candidates can speak up if they feel pressured into a job they would rather not take. 

8. Candidates Should Follow Through on Commitments

It’s important to note that candidates can opt out of the recruitment process at any time. However, candidates certain about their career choices should aim to follow through on commitments. For example, if candidates commit to attending a meeting set up by the recruiter, they should follow through and arrive prepared for the interview. This commitment reflects positively on the recruiter and showcases the candidate’s drive and passion for the position. Being open and honest with the recruiter helps ensure the candidate only attends interviews for opportunities that interest them. 

9. Job Applicants Should Be Open to Feedback

Learning from mistakes and missteps can help candidates find the ideal fit for their values and personal goals. Being open to constructive criticism from the recruiter and asking for feedback can help candidates elevate their personal brand and performance in the interviewing process. As the recruiter learns more about the candidate, the candidate comes closer to a position where they can make a difference and grow their skills. 

10. Candidates Should Be Upfront About Compensation Expectations

It’s essential for candidates to feel comfortable sharing their compensation expectations and salaries from previous positions. Recruiters can assist in salary negotiations and guide candidates in what to expect based on their skills and experience. Once candidates have that information, they will feel more confident discussing compensation with potential employers. 

11. Candidates Should Stay in Touch With the Recruiter

Working with a recruiter can mark the start of a long and positive relationship that sustains long after the candidate finds a role. Candidates passionate about personal growth understand the value of a trusted recruiter and make an effort to maintain long-term contact. An email every few months is enough to sustain a relationship, and candidates can also recommend high-performing friends and colleagues with similar goals and values. 

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