Innovation Beyond the Lab: Maria’s Unconventional Path from Chemistry Scientist to Marketer

My name is Maria Sanz Rodriquez and I am a Marketing Manager at Radiometer. My career path is not the traditional one you would imagine. I started my career as a chemistry scientist, doing research in academia – along the way, I developed new skills that led to a career change in marketing and sales.

From Lab Coats to Marketing

As a scientist, I was always interested in the clinical aspects of chemistry and as a result, decided to specialize in laboratory medicine. In Spain, coming from a science-based background, you can choose one of four laboratory specialties; I chose laboratory clinical biochemistry. I started working in a hospital and had my first contact with analyzers. When I finished my specialization at the hospital, Radiometer asked if I was interested in joining the Iberian Radiometer team. The rest is history. 

Now, years later, I am a marketing manager at Radiometer. I love my job because it allows me to explore my passion for growth and development – for businesses, people, and myself. 

Did I expect to work in a global diagnostic technology company when I started my career as a scientist? Definitely not. But I’ve found many opportunities for personal growth, high-quality products and community within a global team.

The Power of Seizing Opportunities

As time passed, I realized that a job at Radiometer is not just a one-time proposition. You get a development plan and work with your manager towards your goals. And because we are part of a larger organization, Danaher, you become part of a global community inside and outside Radiometer. I have close connections with colleagues from around the world. And honestly, I am proud to sell Radiometer products because they are the best on the market.

Improvement is what motivates me. And not just business-related improvement but (maybe even more) related to people management and development. I want to work to support the business and my people. I make a habit of asking myself: “How can I support my team? Can I share knowledge? Can I have another one-to-one meeting with someone to check in and improve their current situation?”

Anyone can change their career path, but I think I could take the journey I am on because I learned how to see opportunities; this is a skill that anyone can learn.

You cannot wait for things to happen to you. The chance that someone offers you your dream job out of the blue is extremely low. You must raise your hand and speak up when you’re ready to take on the next challenge and continue learning. And you need to ask yourself from time to time: What do you want to do in your future career?

Continuous Improvement: Applying Business Principles in Life

I call it improvement, but at Radiometer and Danaher we call it continuous improvement. Danaher Business System (DBS) is the foundation on which we build lean manufacturing. And honestly, I love the DBS. When I started using DBS, I thought it was just about numbers. Now I understand why we use it – why we think strategically and learn new tools and processes.

Believe it or not, I even apply DBS tools at home with my kids. When their grades were slipping, I called for a meeting and used visual management and problem-solving tools to help them see the problem and create a step-by-step solution. This is just one example of how DBS adds value and can be helpful in many ways.

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