A Career with Purpose and Impact

by Mike Feld, President, Mammotome

If you’re thinking of making a career change, Danaher may not be the first place that comes to mind.

Even though we beat the S&P 500 by more than 5,000% over the last 25 years, we aren’t a household name. So why join our family of operating companies—or better yet, the one that I have the pleasure of leading—Mammotome? While our brand sometimes flies under the radar, our success is driven by continuous improvement and world-class execution. And in companies like Mammotome, we are leading the charge to help clinicians accurately diagnose breast cancer.

Personally, the magnitude of the opportunity to make a lasting, significant impact—on Danaher, our customers, and the world—is what drew me here. I joined the  Danaher GMDP program in 2011 and since, have held multiple commercial and general management functions within five Operating Companies, currently serving as President of Mammotome.

Now as we grow our team at Mammotome, we’re looking for more people to help us realize our ambitions. To help you decide if a role on our team is right for you, I’ll share the biggest reason to join from my perspective.

We’re Unique

Mammotome is a unique company within Danaher. Danaher has an incredible platform of diagnostic companies, most supporting laboratory science. That lab science could take place in a hospital – Radiometer‘s instruments provide critical information to doctors in the ER – or in an offsite location – Beckman Coulter instruments are used to test [millions] of blood samples every year – but in most cases a sample is placed in a piece of equipment that is measuring something. The biggest difference working within Mammotome is that everything we produce directly interacts with the human body. So, for me, having worked within five different Danaher operating companies, Mammotome brought out a different level of passion and commitment from both myself and our associates.  We also have the privilege of working in a space solely focused on the treatment of breast cancer, which could not be more rewarding.

Hear from another member of the team:

Amazing Friends and Colleagues Within

In short, rather than thinking about applying for a job here, I encourage you look at it as if you are applying for a career. When you join us, you’re joining us on a journey—one that we hope will take you, Mammotome, our OpCos, our customers, and ultimately the rest of the world wherever we want to go. We have ambitious goals, and we’ll need more passion and brainpower to achieve them. If you’re looking to join a team that is truly committed to making an impact, Mammotome and Danaher may be the place for you.

Interested in joining Michael, Raj and the rest of the Mammotome team?  See open roles or join our Talent Network.

Michael Feld joined Danaher as part of our General Manager Development Program (GMDP), which is widely recognized as a leading program for MBA candidates. Since 2015, more than 80% of operating company president roles have been filled by internal leaders. Prior to joining Danaher, Michael was a Project Manager at Toll Brothers, managed his own construction company, and worked as a consultant with Aon.

He has worked with multiple operating companies since joining Danaher, including Hach, SCIEX, Dover Motion (formerly with Danaher, now a part of Fortive), XOS and Mammotome.

Michael Feld holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Information Systems from Tulane University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.